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To our Viewers:     If you wish to contribute any computer generated images of your own please send them to the E-mail bellow.  With your e-mail provide your name, e-mail address and a description of your work which will accompany your art.  I will welcome all computer generated art.
What's New!!!
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I've been busy lately with all the final exams and all so I didn't have time to work on the page.  Now I have some free time.
Keep sending the art.  I will post all of the art that you've sent in that have not been posted.
I apologize for the delay.
Some Materials were added.  Take a Look.  More will come!!
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I will appreciate any responses from the viewers.   So please send in any feedback or comments on this page!!
If you have any comments, questions, suggestions for tutorials or links, reporting something broken or just wanting to say something about my page please feel free to E - M a i l me.   And now you can show off your art here.

This page was last updated on April 19, 2000

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A Bit About The Author (Me :)

    Hello.  My name is Sebastian Golda and this is my hobby.  Not web page programming, but the endless possibilities of the 3rd dimensional universe.  The ability to create what ever comes to your mind is magnificent.  I only wish I was good enough to get a job as a 3D Animator.   However I have other carrier plans.  Currently I'm attending a Douglas College in Canada, British Columbia.  I lived here for over 8 years from the time I came to Canada from Poland which is where I was born.  I’m enrolled in Engineering Science Program where I’m hoping to complete it from Simon Fraser University which is also in BC.  I turn to the 3D world of animating whenever I have the time or the patience to work with a computer that crashes all the time.  Using 3D Studio Max 2.5 and PhotoShop 5 I created most of the art on this site for the Fun of it.  For those that are better then me this art may look not too good.  In fact most of the pictures were created when I was experimenting.  Most of all I do this for the fun and as time goes I get better.