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A Neat Cave Scene
Part II of II
20.    Ok so we now have a competed section of the pathway and if you like you can add a few last things to it if you want to.  Select the whole platform and group it.  To group it go to Group menu and select group.  Name it what ever you want.
21.    Now we're going to array it so press and hold shift while moving it in the y axis in the Top view.  You may want to turn the 3D Snap on.  When you let go a window will pop up and I have set the number of copies to 6 for a total of 7 since my computer probably wouldn't take to many.  After all this will only be a still scene so it won't matter.
22.    In the Front view create a tube that fits the platform like in the image bellow.  Make it slightly longer then the platform.  Make the Radius2 the same as Radius 1 and set the Height Segments to about 45 and Sides to about 30.
Tut01Pic8.jpg (36068 bytes)
23.    Apply a FFD 2x2x2 modifier and make it thinner so that the sides of the tube are closer to the platform, but not to close.  Play around with the modifier and try to get a result you want.  Perhaps it would be also a good idea to make the top part of the tunnel to come down a bit so that there isn't to much room.  Attempt to make it look like the image bellow.
Tut01Pic9.jpg (40477 bytes)
24.    Once done playing with it apply a Noise modifier to the tube.   The parameters should be: Fractal ON,  Roughness = 0.6, Iteration = 3, Strength in X = 60, Y = 80, Z = 70.  However feel free to chouse your own numbers.
25.    Now we'll apply a FFD (cyl) modifier and set the Dimensions to 6, 4, 12.  Note:  If you're using a different version of max and it does not have this option you may use the basic FFD 4x4x4.  First click on Sub-Object and select a row of the points in the Top View and use the Non-Uniform Scale on the x axis to shrink the tunnel a bit.  Do it for other rows to make the tunnel look like it's wide at one point and thinner in another point.  This makes the tunnel look less like a tube.   Any way just play around with that to get the desired result.  It should look somewhat to the picture bellow.
Tut01Pic10.jpg (37809 bytes)
26.    We're going to apply a texture to the tunnel now.  In Material Editor select an unused material and click on a box that says Standard next to the Type label.  Select Blend and hit Ok, then a new window will pop up so just hit Ok for it as well.  Click on the box next to Material 1 that says Standard.  Set the Defuse to Bitmap and chouse dirtgray.jpg as the bitmap.  Click the Go To Parent Parent.jpg (5838 bytes) button to go back.  Set the Defuse of the Material 2 to Bitmap and use the sandshor.jpg.  Set the Shininess and Shin Strength to 0 for both Materials.   Also for both Materials set the U and V Tiling to 10.  In the Parent Material set the Mix Amount to 30 and apply it to the tunnel
27.    Select the entire platform and the tunnel and group it.  Name it what ever.
28.    Once grouped apply a Bend modifier with the parameters:  Angle  -55 and Bend Angle = y.  This should make the tunnel curve to the side.  If this doesn't make the tunnel curve to the side in the Top view play around with the Direction.
29.    Apply another Bend modifier to the group.  This time we'll make it bend down slightly.  Set the parameters to: Angel = 20, Direction = -90 and Bend Axis = y.  Now it should be curved and steep down.
30.    Use the Top and Left view to position a camera so that we could create the glow for the lamp.
31.    Open the Video Post from the Render menu.  Add a Scene Event AddScene.jpg (6263 bytes) and set the view to the camera you just made when a new window pops up.
32.    Add a Image Filter Event ImageFilter.jpg (6443 bytes) and set it to Lens Effects Glow.  Click Ok.  Note:  If you're using a different version of max it might not have this filter, but you can use a different glow plug-ins that are free.  You may want to go to 3D Cafe to look for them.  Double click on the Lens Effects Glow and click the Setup button.  There set the Size in Preferences to 5 and the Intensity to 50.  Leave everything the way it is and make sure that the Object ID is the same as the Object Channel we set before for the lamp, which was 1, in the Properties panel.
33.    Finally we can render Render.jpg (5826 bytes) the image and see what we get.  It should look like the one bellow.  And that concludes this tutorial.

The Final Image

Tut01Pic11.jpg (131151 bytes)

BarBnTop.jpg (11031 bytes)
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BarBnBot.jpg (9756 bytes)