Brick Wall

This tutorial I'll demonstrate how to create a nice brick wall using bitmaps.  As simple it sounds you may not get a realistic result when it comes to corners.

1.    To begin create a wall in the Front viewport with windows such as in the image bellow.  Just use splines from the Create Create.jpg (6023 bytes) panel and then attach them all together.  Extrude the shape and give it a value of about 10 if the wall is about 200 in width and 100 in height as in the image bellow.
Tut05Pic01.jpg (25014 bytes)
2.    Open up the Material Editor MaterialEditor.jpg (6806 bytes) and set the defuse to bitmap.  Chouse brkwea_t.jpg as the bitmap that comes with max and set both titling values to about 3.  For the Bump Map set it to Bitmap chousing brkwea_b.gif which also comes with max and here also set the titling to 3.  You can download the images from bellow if you don't have them.  To make this easier click on the "Show Map in Viewport" MapIt.jpg (6451 bytes) button to see what we are doing.  Apply ApplyMat.jpg (6528 bytes) the material to the object and exit the Material Editor.
3.    From the Modify Modifier.jpg (6306 bytes) panel add a UVW Map.  Set the mapping to box and click on the Sub-Object button just above.  Now your going to have to play around with rotating the gizmo to get the right look.  All I did is rotated it 90 degrees in the left view and set the smallest value as the value of the height which should be 100.  Render it and see what comes out.  If it doesn't look good just go back and rotate the gizmo.  Pay attention the the map in the viewport, but it will not be accurate.  Use the Fit button after you rotate the gizmo and then resize it so that the bricks on the side of the window look normal rather then very tiny.  Anyway it should look something like the image bellow.
Tut05Pic02.jpg (52178 bytes)
Materials: brkweat.jpgbrkweab.gif
BarBnTop.jpg (11031 bytes)
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BarBnBot.jpg (9756 bytes)